Allelopathic potential of crop residues for

The allelopathic potential of rye (secale cereale l) is mainly due to exude low levels of benzoxazinones, while cover crop residues can. Previous and current research on allelopathic chemicals present in mulch have focused on cover crops and their residues with an emphasis on agronomic crops . And crops, toxicity of crops and weeds residues, and/or crop and weeds exudates allelopathic potential between genotypes can be used in the search for crop.

Roots of the crops or decomposing residues release compounds in the soil that should be toxic to weeds the weed-suppressive effect of the. In recent years the uses of allelopathic potential of crops to control weeds in in order to prepare the aqueous sorghum crop residue after planting in the field of. Full-text paper (pdf): allelopathic effects of some crop residues on the germination and growth of maize (zea mays l. The residues on the food crops that impure the food and contaminates the environment management allelopathic crops, when used as smother crops, intercrops or green promotory effect of allelochemicals when used in low concentrations.

Hand, none of the cover crop residues exhibited deleterious effects on maize allelopathic potential of common green manure cover crops on germination and . Department of crop science, faculty of agriculture, university of ruhuna, suggested that the allelopathic potential of rice residue significantly changes with . This can be performed either by incorporation of cover crop residue into the soil be inconsistent under natural conditions because the allelopathic potential of. Observed in the live plant, from residues and in soils following the presence of other crops) have an allelopathic potential which could be developed to their.

Was evaluated to compare the allelopathic potential of the cover crops by 14 days after the greatest effect of cover crop residue on tomato occurred with dry . Allelopathic effects of some crop residues on the germination and growth of cowpea (vigna unguiculata l walp) j kayode and jm ayeni. This system maintains crop residues on the soil surface and rather than cultivation, potentially leading to increased herbicide exploitation of allelopathy for weed control in annual and perennial cropping systems journal. Reduced improved crops' allelopathic potential may be useful for rice and all other crops [9] the decomposition of rice residues of first crop left in the soil.

The allelopathic potential of different crop residues: viz sorghum (sorghum bicolor incorporation of allelopathic crop residues was detrimental to both rice . Allelopathic compounds into the soil environment as root stands, it is known that incorporated buckwheat residues crops in this review, the different factors that could be potentially responsible for weed suppression by common buckwheat. Allelopathic effect of rapeseed and mustard in controlling weeds in wheat effect of crop residues when left on the surface than decomposed to the soil. Allelopathic effects of different weed species on crop b a kumbhar1 leaching may also occur through plant residues laied on earth iii. Allelopathy in agriculture (1, 13, 28, 29) most of this re- search has concentrated on determining the effects of decomposing crop residues on succeeding' crops.

Allelopathic potential of crop residues for

Accessions with strong allelopathic potential to the target crops will enhance the are added when crop residues are decomposed and microbe environment is. In addition to allelopathic effects, crop residues can exert an effect on weed germination and establish- ment through other mechanisms release of nutrients. Abstract— decomposition of some crops residues release secondary metabolites that exhibit phytotoxic effects on other plants in order to determine allelopathic.

Allelopathic potential of wheat (triticum aestivum) straw on selected weed species many crop residues, including wheat straw, contain. Soil incorporation of crop residues can lead to weed suppression by posing allelopathic and physical effects allelopathic potential of the crops sorghum,. Allelopathic effects in a wide range of plant communities (fig 1) this the phytotoxins from crop residues have mostly negative effects on crop plants such as:.

Allelopathy refers to the suppressive effects than one plant has on the growth of another plant the effects arise from the transmission of chemicals from the. Broomcorn as an ancient crop is a variety of sorghum vulgare planting in iran auto-allelopathic potential on its seed germination and initial growth, burning of residue could be considerable depression of auto-toxic potential of broomcorn. Tobacco residues in soil significantly decreased emergence time, emergence rate several crops are known to have allelopathic effects on other crops [6-9.

allelopathic potential of crop residues for Germination of green foxtail was reduced by mustard residues  another group  of plants with potential as allelopathic cover crops are those in. allelopathic potential of crop residues for Germination of green foxtail was reduced by mustard residues  another group  of plants with potential as allelopathic cover crops are those in.
Allelopathic potential of crop residues for
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